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Smart Local Energy Systems / Smart Grids

The ‘Four Ds’ and support for Local Smart Grids: Analysis from national surveys in the United Kingdom and Canada

Chad Walker, Ian H. Rowlands, Patrick Devine-Wright, Iain Soutar, Charlie Wilson, Rajat Gupta, Hannah Devine-Wright, Juli Bishwokarma, Rebecca Ford

Oxford Open Energy, vol. 3, 2024

Energy democracy, public participation, and support for local energy system change in Canada

Joseph Fiander, Chad Walker, Ian H. Rowlands, Patrick Devine-Wright, Charlie Wilson, Iain Soutar, Rajat Gupta

Energy Research and Social Science, vol. 113, 2024

The best-laid plans: Tracing public engagement change in emergent Smart Local Energy Systems

Luke Gooding, Patrick Devine-Wright, Melanie Rohse, Rebecca Ford, Chad Walker, Iain Soutar, Hannah Devine-Wright

Energy Research and Social Science, vol. 101(July), 2023

Constructing practices of engagement with users and communities: Comparing emergent state-led smart local energy systems

Iain Soutar, Patrick Devine-Wright, Melanie Rohse, Chad Walker, Luke Gooding, Hannah Devine-Wright, Imogen Kay

Energy Policy, vol. 171, 2022

Urban Energy Infrastructure Transitions: The Participation of Local Citizens in the Development of Smart Local Energy Systems and Sustainable Heating

Fionnguala Sherry-Brennan, Patrick Devine-Wright, Chad Walker

Routledge Handbook of Urban Landscape Research, Kate Bishop, Linda Corkery, 1st, Routledge, 2022 Dec 26

What is ‘local’ about Smart Local Energy Systems? Emerging stakeholder geographies of decentralised energy in the United Kingdom

Chad Walker, Patrick Devine-Wright, Melanie Rohse, Luke Gooding, Hannah Devine-Wright, Rajat Gupta

Energy Research and Social Science, vol. 80, 2021

Community Energy

Threats to energy democratization: Examining the structure of decision-making processes and new spheres of procedural (in)justice in energy transitions

Chad Walker, Stacia Ryder, JP Roux, Patrick Devine-Wright, Zoe Chateau

Majia Nadesan, Martin Pasqualetti, Jennifer Keahey, chapter 34, 1st , Elsevier

Incentivizing landlord engagement in a clean energy transition in Nova Scotia, Canada: A case study of Energize Bridgewater

Claire Calderwood, Chad Walker, Jeffrey Biggar

Journal of Green Building, vol. 19(4), 2024

Do the ends justify the means? Problematizing social acceptance and instrumentally-driven community engagement in proposed energy projects

Stacia Ryder, Chad Walker, Susana Batel, Hannah Devine-Wright, Patrick Devine-Wright

Socio-Ecological Practice Research (SEPR), Advancing scholarship and practice of stakeholder engagement in working landscapes, 2023

COPs and ‘robbers?’ Better understanding community energy and toward a Communities of Place then Interest approach

Chad Walker, Greg Poelzer, Renata Leonhardt, Bram Noble, Christina Hoicka

Energy Research and Social Science, vol. 92(102797), 2022, pp. 1-13

Scale, history and justice in community wind energy: An empirical review

Jamie Baxter, Chad Walker, Geraint Ellis, Patrick Devine-Wright, Michelle Adams, Romayne Smith Fullerton

Energy research and social science, vol. 68, 2020 Aug 30

Indigenous Renewable Energy

Critical pathways to renewable energy transitions in remote Alaska communities: A comparative analysis

Gwen Holdmann, Dominique Pride, Greg Poelzer, Bram Noble, Chad Walker

Energy Research & Social Science, issue 102712, 2022

Harvesting Local Energy: A Case Study of Community-Led Bioenergy Development in Galena, Alaska

Vikas Menghwani, Chad Walker, Tim Kalke, Bram Noble, Greg Poelzer

Energies, vol. 15(4655), 2022

Non-Indigenous partner perspectives on Indigenous peoples' involvement in renewable energy: exploring reconciliation as relationships of accountability or status quo innocence?

Chad Walker, Mary Beth Doucette, Sarah Rotz, Diana Lewis, Hannah Tait Neufeld, Heather Castleden

Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management, 2021, pp. 636-657

Are the pens working for justice? News media coverage of renewable energy involving Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Chad Walker, Alyssa Alexander, Mary Beth Doucette, Diana Lewis, Hanna Tait Neufeld, Debbie Martin, Jeff Masuda, Robert Stefanelli, Heather Castleden

Energy research and social science, vol. 57, 2019 Sep 31

Renewable energy and energy autonomy: how Indigenous peoples in Canada are shaping an energy future

Robert D. Stefanelli, Chad Walker, Derek Kornelsen, Diana Lewis, Debbie H. Martin, Jeff Masuda, Chantelle A.M. Richmond, Emily Root, Hannah Tait Neufeld, Heather Castleden

Environmental Reviews, vol. 27(1), 2019 Jan 28, pp. 95-105

Truth and Reconciliation

Are the natural sciences ready for truth, healing, and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada? Exploring 'settler readiness' at a world-class freshwater research station

Elissa Bozhkov, Chad Walker, Chad Walker, Vanessa McCourt, Heather Castleden

Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, vol. 10(3), 2020 Mar 6, pp. 226-241

Predictors of medical student interest in Indigenous health learning and clinical practice: a Canadian case study

Sharon Yeung, Amy Bombay, Chad Walker, Jeff Denis, Debbie Martin, Paul Sylvestre, Heather Castleden

BMC Medical Education, vol. 18(1), 2018 Nov 13, pp. 307-307

Wind Energy

“His main platform is ‘stop the turbines’ ”: Political discourse, partisanship and local responses to wind energy in Canada

Chad Walker, Laura Stephenson, Jamie Baxter

Energy Policy, vol. 123, 2018 Oct 30, pp. 670-681

Sustainable Development and Environmental Injustice in Rural Ontario, Canada: Cases of Wind Energy and Biosolid Processing

Chad Walker, Sarah Mason, Danny Bednar

Journal of Rural and Community Development, vol. 13(2), 2018 Apr 28

“It's easy to throw rocks at a corporation”: wind energy development and distributive justice in Canada

Chad Walker, Jamie Baxter

Environmental Policy and Planning, vol. 19(6), 2017, pp. 754-768

Procedural justice in Canadian wind energy development: A comparison of community-based and technocratic siting processes

Chad Walker, Jamie Baxter

Energy research and social science, vol. 29, 2017 May 30, pp. 160-169

Adding insult to injury: The development of psychosocial stress in Ontario wind turbine communities

Chad Walker, Jamie Baxter, Danielle Ouellette

Social Science and Medicine, vol. 133, 2015, pp. 358-365

Wind energy development and perceived real estate values in Ontario, Canada

Chad Walker, Jamie Baxter, Sarah Mason, Isaac Luginaah, Danielle Ouellette

AIMS energy 2014, Vol. 2, Pages 424-442, vol. 2(4), 2014 Oct 18, pp. 424-442

Beyond Rhetoric to Understanding Determinants of Wind Turbine Support and Conflict in Two Ontario, Canada Communities

Chad Walker, Jamie Baxter, Danielle Ouellette

Environment and Planning A, vol. 46(3), 2013 Nov 31, pp. 730-745

Research and Methods

Method Sequence and Dominance in Mixed Methods Research: A Case Study of the Social Acceptance of Wind Energy Literature

Chad Walker, Jamie Baxter

The International Journal of Qualitative Methods, vol. 18, 2019 Mar 11

Activists against research: Experiences studying wind energy in Ontario

Chad Walker, Tanya Christidis

The Canadian Geographer, vol. 62(2), 2018, pp. 282-287

Promoting qualitative research in the public sphere: Lessons learned from online criticisms

Chad Walker

Steven W. Kleinknecht, Carrie B. Sanders, Lisa-Jo K. van den Scott, The Craft of Qualitative Research, chapter 43, Canadian Scholars, 2018

Ethics and activism in environment and health research

Sarah A. Mason, Chad Walker, Jamie Baxter, Isaac Luginaah

Nancy E. Fenton, Jamie Baxter, Practicing Qualitative Methods in Health Geographies, chapter 4, 1st , Routledge, 2016

Climate Change, Environmental Law, and Policy

Encouraging green infrastructure at Ontario universities: What’s policy got to do with it?

Erika Eves, Chad Walker

Urban Resilience and Sustainability, vol. 1(4), pp. 260-277

You’ve declared a climate emergency…now what? Exploring climate action, energy planning, and participatory place branding in Canada

Yara Alkhayyat, Chad Walker, Giannina Warren, Evan Cleave

Urban Resilience and Sustainability, vol. 1(3), 2023, pp. 214-234

Challenges Turning Environment and Sustainability Science Into Policy: An Interdisciplinary Review

Catherine M. Dieleman, Chad Walker, David Pipher, Heather Peacock

Intellectual, Scientific, and Educational Influences on Sustainability Research, 2018 Nov 31, pp. 168-197

Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act: Why a Well-Intentioned Law is Mired in Controversy and Opposed by Rural Communities

David McRobert, Julian Tennent-Riddell, Chad Walker

Renewable Energy Law and Policy Review, vol. 7(2), 2016 Nov 31, pp. 91-112

Health Geography

Pregnancy intention and gestational age at first antenatal care visit in Lesotho

Paul Mkandawire, Joseph Kangmennaang, Chad Walker, Roger Antabe, Kilian Atuoye, Isaac Luginaah

African journal of midwifery and women's health, vol. 15(1), 2021 Feb 8, pp. 1-11

Adding insult to injury: The development of psychosocial stress in Ontario wind turbine communities

Chad Walker, Jamie Baxter, Danielle Ouellette

Social Science & Medicine, vol. 133, 2015 Mar 30, pp. 358-365

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