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Electric Vehicle (EV) Calculator: Estimates distance, time, and speed

April 17, 2024

Developed in collaboration with research assistant Joseph Fiander, this tool can help you calculate how far you can travel, and how long that trip will take, based on three main characteristics of the vehicle:

1. Range (in km)
2. Battery capacity (in kWh)
3. Charger speed (level 3, in kW)

*These are the values, and the only values you should change. 

To get accurate estimates, we recommend you keep the Avg. speed at 100 (km/h).  Values that are calculated under DT2, DT2, etc. are driving times in hours. CT2, CT3, etc., represent the time you will be spending charging in hours. O speed stands for overall (average) speed at the end of each segment. Note we assume you are starting with 100% battery life at the start of your trip, stop to charge at 20%, and charge up to 80% at each stop. 


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