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Non-Indigenous partner perspectives on Indigenous peoples' involvement in renewable energy: exploring reconciliation as relationships of accountability or status quo innocence?

Chad Walker, Mary Beth Doucette, Sarah Rotz, Diana Lewis, Hannah Tait Neufeld, Heather Castleden

Qualitative Research in Organizations and Management, 2021, pp. 636-657

Are the natural sciences ready for truth, healing, and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples in Canada? Exploring 'settler readiness' at a world-class freshwater research station

Elissa Bozhkov, Chad Walker, Chad Walker, Vanessa McCourt, Heather Castleden

Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences, vol. 10(3), 2020 Mar 6, pp. 226-241

Are the pens working for justice? News media coverage of renewable energy involving Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Chad Walker, Alyssa Alexander, Mary Beth Doucette, Diana Lewis, Hanna Tait Neufeld, Debbie Martin, Jeff Masuda, Robert Stefanelli, Heather Castleden

Energy research and social science, vol. 57, 2019 Sep 31

Renewable energy and energy autonomy: how Indigenous peoples in Canada are shaping an energy future

Robert D. Stefanelli, Chad Walker, Derek Kornelsen, Diana Lewis, Debbie H. Martin, Jeff Masuda, Chantelle A.M. Richmond, Emily Root, Hannah Tait Neufeld, Heather Castleden

Environmental Reviews, vol. 27(1), 2019 Jan 28, pp. 95-105

Predictors of medical student interest in Indigenous health learning and clinical practice: a Canadian case study

Sharon Yeung, Amy Bombay, Chad Walker, Jeff Denis, Debbie Martin, Paul Sylvestre, Heather Castleden

BMC Medical Education, vol. 18(1), 2018 Nov 13, pp. 307-307


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